Broward County Remodeling

We are the best in the market when it comes to handling home remodeling. We handle all tasks required for remodeling in your home. We will make your home great and increase its value when you decide to sell it. Choose Broward County remodeling company to get all solutions from one destination. We will satisfy your needs and give your home a facelift you have desired for long. We are a one-stop-shop solution provider for all remodeling tasks. Do not look elsewhere because our main services include;


Commercial tiling

We know that armies run on full stomachs and so does your business run on floors. Commercial tiling is essential for your company and choosing the right type is the source of difference between a floor that will stay for long and a surface that needs constant replacement due to wear and tear.

We will provide you with tiling according to your type of business. If you are running a machine shop or restaurant, we will give you floors that are suited for high traffic activities. We will offer you tiling that is also easy to clean. We will help you choose the color of your tiles also. Blacks and grays are always good for official settings but they may lower productivity of the workers. We recommend you to brighten things by risking floor colors. Floors of the office or business do not have to be drab and cold.

We also need you to consider the installation of these floors. It does not make sense to close the business for the whole week to install floors. This aspect makes many people to opt for high end tiles since they are durable. We have professionals at Broward county remodeling that can handle this task in a short period.

We recommend interlocking tile system since it gives flexibility in terms of designs and styles. These tiles are quite easy to manage when you want to change your old tiles into new ones. These tiles are expensive, making it tricky to keep changing your tiles from time to time.

If your office or business uses chemicals, it is advisable to make sure that you choose us to install tiles that are not corrosive when they come in contact with chemicals. We have professionals that will inspect these aspects before completing the installation for you.


Kitchen remodeling

Are you on the lookout for kitchen remodeling? When you choose Broward county remodeling professionals to kitchen remodeling for you will remove stress and maximize your success in the project. We have the expertise you need for the job to be complete. We understand that appliances, flooring, cabinets, and fixtures are expensive aspects in the home. The other complicated job is ductwork, structural construction, plumbing, electrical work, and other things.

When you choose Broward remodeling, you are sure that the project will come to a completion with a lot of savings on time and funds. You will have less stress with code violations, errors, and incidents that may leave the kitchen in unattractive situation. You will not have terrible surprises when you choose us.

We have professionals that will answer all your tough questions. We have the required expertise, workforce, and financial resources to handle your task until completion.


What about qualifications?

We are registered and have licenses for operating in your area. We also cover kitchen remodeling and have the financial requirements for handling your task as you arrange for the money to pay us. We also have liability insurance that protects both our employees and machines used in the whole job. We have all the necessary covers that will leave you comfortable as we work on your project. We have a physical location and you can visit us to check for everything you want. We have all remodeling requirements and our employees do excellent jobs.


Bath remodeling

Nothing is as bad as a small bath in the home. Would you wish to have more space in the bath? Do you wish it to be visually appealing? If your answer is yes, then Broward County remodeling is your best bet. We have several methods we can use to remodel your bath and make it look big. We will make sure that your pockets will not have pressure and that we give you something that your friends and family will cherish for many years.

We rank bath remodeling to be on top when it comes to return on investment. Because it is a very crucial room that serves intimate purposes, any modifications and changes made to it are visible. We promise to give your home value, improve comfort, and enhance functionality at the same times. Remodeling the bath can be a hectic task for many people. There are so many things to consider like styles of bath appliances, colors to implement, and the fixtures to use. We will help you choose the right products, plan renovation, and be there to implement the choices we have helped you choose.

We will help you have a picture of what you need before beginning the project so that you know the cost of the components before beginning remodeling. We have the required skills and knowledge required to handle your task. There are several tasks we will carry out like painting and plumbing when we come to your house. We will leave your bath looking fresh at a small budget and within a short period.


Interior/exterior painting

While doing interior/exterior painting, we recommend that you begin by the necessary tools for the job. You need to begin by preparing for the task. Come to use for professional advice from planning to implementation. Broward county remodeling has the required brushes for trimming, drop clothes, rollers, plastic bags, and rags for keeping everything tidy.

We will help you centralize hardware and furniture from the rest of the house and cover them with newspapers and drop clothes. We will do this to avoid spills getting on your furniture and hardware. We will also help you remove items from cabinets, light switches, and switches from walls. We will not paint around hardware because paint may drip all over and cause destruction.

Our professionals will put on old comfortable shoes and clothes. They will also wear scarfs, hats, or shower caps on their heads to protect themselves against spills while painting the ceiling. They put on comfortable shoes for easy removal to avoid tracking between rooms.

We will help in preparing your interiors to start painting. We will strip wall papers and use high quality primers to prime your walls. And if your walls are not clean, we will help you wash them with detergents and water. We will fix all cracks and sand any peeling.